From idea to


work less and achieve more.

Publishing can be grueling. Spending hours of your day to manage the logistics can suck, especially when you’d rather be doing something creative.

From newspapers to blogs to yearbooks, every single publication has something in common: the need for good organization. When the website publisher doesn’t know what the editors just finished editing, and when arguments break out because no one communicates with each other, things can fall apart.

At the publications we’ve worked at, we’ve seen a lot of it. But the “easiest” ways to fix it – spreadsheets, texts, and a shared Google Drive – are cumbersome and don’t scale with the publication. They also don’t feel good to use – they aren’t pleasing and they don’t make you feel happy about your job.

So we figured out that no one had really built something like what we needed. And as such, we built it ourselves.


ยฉ 2024 blue linden software.

Coming soon.